Textile printing II

Textile printing

Renitent als Siebdruck

The two-dimensional vector graphic, which originally served as a template for the 3D print of the „Renitent“ lettering, was now also used as a template for the screen print. First, the lettering was printed on overhead film using a laser printer and then sprayed with toner densifier. The template was now lightproof in the blackened areas and could then be copied onto the screen using a photochemical process and printed.


Website for the Bremen street art project. Concept, design and technical implementation of the website. The one-page, responsive website is primarily intended to appeal to younger and mobile users:  www.tags-reloaded.de

Website ‚Open Space Edition‘

Website ‚Open Space Edition‘

Collaboration on the technical realization of the online presence of the Bremen publishing house ‚Open Space Edition‘ based on a design by Arne Olsen. Visitors to the website should be able to browse through the publisher’s range of products and also order individual items. Based on the flexible editorial system ‚Contao‘, an easy-to-use website was created that retains its appealing basic design on mobile devices and desktop computers: